HidashHi Technology

Technology; re-inventing the wheel?

HidashHi real-time online communication solutions are based on WebRTC. The WebRTC technology is not a finished product but a toolset and API. It is a protocol for real-time online communication. Communication is no longer dependent on client software or plug-ins from a vendor or communications platform. Any device with a web browser, whether a PC, smartphone, tablet, or even a smart TV is suitable as telephone or video conferencing system. HidashHi has spent the past years developing a solid platform resulting in a stable performance. We have already taken care of all the infrastructure, back-end systems and fall-back scenarios for you, so you can have a head start. Why spend precious time and money on re-inventing the wheel?

WebRTC as innovation

WebRTC is the latest innovation in the field of real-time online communication. HidashHi embraced this exciting new technology from the very beginning. No more annoying downloads or plug-ins such as Adobe Flash or Skype. WebRTC is an open source technology that enables real-time (video) communication on the web. We do not sell WebRTC but we offer our customers a communication platform based on WebRTC technology. Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera are part of the WebRTC initiative and work together to further develop this open source technology.

WebRTC versus Skype and FaceTime

WebRTC clearly distinguishes itself from existing solutions for real-time communication. Firstly, because of the ease with which a call can be set up. While applications such as Microsoft’s Skype and Apple FaceTime require you to download software and invite participants before being able to start a conversation, with WebRTC the sharing of a link or the clicking of a button suffices. This way, customers of a web shop are able to establish a video connection with a support or sales representative with just one click. That is more logical than first becoming friends with one another.

Why is WebRTC so disruptive?

  • Eliminates complexity of delivering codecs and streaming protocols.
  • Closely aligned with HTML 5, programmed via JavaScript.
  • Enables real-time data communications in addition to voice and video.
  • Strong industry support.
  • Enables contextual communications.

Browser support

  • Chrome: fully supported.
  • Firefox: fully supported.
  • Opera: fully supported.
  • Safari: support through alternative method (plug-in).
  • Internet Explorer (9+): support via alternative method (plug-in).


WebRTC serves as a cost-efficient alternative to the isolated and fragmented technologies of past generations. Communication will become more effective and efficient. The peer-to-peer nature of WebRTC streaming server costs will be reduced, making the service much more affordable compared to all the alternatives.

HidashHi network

The HidashHi real-time online communication services are hosted on high-end servers in different data centres in Europe and the United States. The core network has an uptime of 99.999% and more than 4.0 Tbps of bandwidth is available.


Most secure solution

WebRTC uses the most commonly used security standards. The encrypted streams (DTLS-SRTP) are peer-to-peer. All connections with the HidashHi platform are encrypted (SSL/TLS encryption). Since the audio and video connections are peer-to-peer, no third party will be able to eavesdrop.

The number of WebRTC supported devices is exploding

Currently, 1.2 billion devices are WebRTC supported. Most of these devices are desktops and laptops. In the near future, the share of mobile devices will rapidly increase. At the end of 2016, it is expected that there will be 4.7 billion WebRTC supported devices, and 1.8 billion individual WebRTC users. We expect to market most of our video solutions on mobile in the near future. Our service works on all mobile devices for which WebRTC is available. We also offer an application for Android, and in the near future, also for iOS.

Fully scalable

Our platform can be scaled horizontally worldwide, according to your needs. We provide the capacity wherever and whenever it is needed. The modular nature of the platform makes it possible to scale up certain parts of the system easily. By using WebRTC, the audio and video streams are established peer-to-peer. A network is only as good as its performance and availability. HidashHi has duplicated everything so there is no downtime should a hardware failure occur.

Sharing data

In addition to audio and video, it is also possible to send other data. For example, sharing files, documents and images. These are sent directly from person A to person B; therefore, central storage is not necessary. This is a big advantage when dealing with sensitive information.