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Cost efficient

  • Screening through an online video call can give you insights into candidates a traditional CV is unable to provide.
  • By using video chat as a recruitment tool you will spend up to 60% less time recruiting people. Costs per acquisition may even be 170% lower!



Improve healthcare quality and reduce costs

  • A study concerning video chat between medical personnel and recently released patients showed a success rate of 97% on the prevention of (re)admission.
  • Connect sensors placed on a patient’s arm through our App of Things and let physiotherapists look at the data from a distance. They can even talk to each other using a video call.

Customer Service

Achieve more through personal attention

  • Some problems can be solved more rapidly using video chat, as it enables you to illustrate the problem.
  • Provide a higher level of customer support by analysing the status of appliances from your office. You can read your machines through our App of Things.

customer service


A classroom has never before been this big

  • Reach students worldwide in online chat lessons. Students can ask the teacher and each other questions using video chat.
  • Stay up to date by incorporating real-time data in your classes. Stock market fluctuations can for instance be displayed in reading materials and exercises.

Retail & E-commerce

Connect online and offline worlds

  • Advise a customer on how to install the accessory by watching along via video call.
  • Connect online and offline worlds by offering customers the same service via video chat that as they would have in a physical store.
  • Connect beacons to our app and allow customers in your offline store to ask your advisors questions via video chat. This way your entire shop becomes a service desk.


Smart Home

The future of your home is here right now

  • Connect your smart doorbell to your smartphone and video chat with people who ring your doorbell when you are not home.
  • Connect smart stoves, ovens and microwaves and allow family caregivers to keep an eye on the appliances and their relatives via video chat, and possibly control the devices should a dangerous situation occur.
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Solutions to declining showroom visits

  • Advise your customers by showing a car and its features via video call.
  • Modern cars can be operated from a distance with our App of Things. You can lock and unlock the door, honk and turn your lights off.
  • Connect in-car screens to the internet and let passengers on the backseat of your car join meetings while being on the road.


Real estate

Live contact with home owners

  • House sellers can show their house to potential buyers from a distance and answer questions immediately using video call on their tablet or smartphone.
  • Place a digital kiosk next to the window of a real estate office and video chat with passers-by who view your portfolio on the window. The threshold has never been this low.

Internal Communication

  • Contact between employees.
  • Contact between offices and affiliates.
  • Contact between offices and the head office.
  • Internal meetings.

  • Contact with remote employees.
  • Company training.
  • E-learning.

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