About HidashHi

Most conversations between two or more persons start with a simple exchange of the word ‘Hi’. Twice the word ‘Hi’ connected by a dash leads to our brand name HidashHi. HidashHi pronounced as haai-desj-haai. HidashHi was founded in 2012 and has offices in the Netherlands (Almere) and in France (Paris).

About our vision

Our vision is to make real-time online communication as accessible as personal contact.

Real-time online communication solutions will change the way we communicate and improve the way we organise our daily lives. It will make us environmentally conscious, reduce our CO2 footprint and it will help bring people closer together. Furthermore, it stimulates a pleasant, effective and personal way of online communication.

About our mission

Our mission is to become the exceptional partner for companies, service providers and resellers from all over the world, to support them in using real-time online communication solutions in order to create added value for the product or service a company, service provider or reseller offers.

About our ambition

Our ambition: making online communication personal again. We believe that real-time online communication can be of added value for any organisation. We enable organisations to optimise the contact with (potential) customers through personal contact with the efficiency of an online approach. We provide real-time online communication where the human factor is critical to success.

Core Values

About our core values

Our core values are: flexibility, progression, innovation, reliability and accessibility. By constantly observing the changes in the market and through years of experience, we bring innovative solutions to the table, staying one step ahead of our competitors.

People, Planet, Profit

We are a commercial organisation with economic goals. However, that does not mean we close our eyes to the world around us. On the contrary, we want to make a positive contribution. Therefore, HidashHi puts its heart and soul into supporting charities.

Board of directors

We have an enthusiastic team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in various fields. Besides considerable experience in online communication and social networking, what unites the HidashHi team is the collective drive and passion to change online communication forever.

Micha Koopmans

John-Pieter van Nieuwburg

Kilian Marjew

Mariska Kleiss

At your service

  • Enthusiastic team of experienced professionals (our DNA: pragmatic, productive, partnership, efficient and cost conscious).
  • Expert advice.
  • Long term profitable relationships with our clients and partners that lead to maximum benefit for both parties.
  • Share our extensive network.
  • Team up to help you achieve your goals. Not only throughout the process but also before, during and after the service is live.
  • Relentless focus on quality and customer satisfaction.