HidashHi Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

HidashHi offers an IoT Platform through which various devices can be connected, i.e. through the App of Things. To this we add the option of personally contacting someone online in real-time using video chat, video call, voice call, text chat and/or data. Our solutions can be integrated into websites, corporate environments and mobile apps. Data does not run through third party servers; you stay in control of the session the entire time. No downloads, installation or registration needed; online contact in one click!

Establish stronger financial performance

HidashHi ensures online communication becomes personal again. It is as if you are sitting face-to-face with your client, customer or patient; for any duration of time. Our real-time communication solutions enable our customers to collaborate with colleagues and clients in an intuitive and user friendly manner. Watch our solutions improve employee satisfaction and client loyalty, resulting in a stronger financial performance.

Why choose HidashHi over Skype?

The simple answer is that we provide the standards free services such as Skype lack. Take for instance the situation in which you and your colleagues or customers need to communicate while working on different systems. You first need to go through downloads and registration processes, to finally discover that the program cannot be launched from one of your PCs. This is an unnecessary waste of time and energy. Our communication solutions work in all browsers and on all devices. It is all about you! Our white-labelled solution will have the look & feel of your company.

The Internet of Things connected

We connect people and devices, 100% secure and private. Read more >

How may we help you?

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Cutting edge technology

HidashHi is a pioneer in real-time online communication, applying the most disruptive technologies, like WebRTC. Read more >

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